How Elon Musk is Paying for Twitter

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Today we're finding out how Elon Musk is financing his $44B bid for Twitter.

It's time to strap in and enjoy.


How is Elon Musk paying $44 billion for Twitter?

The $44B deal can be broken down into 4 segments.

1. Elon Musk's equity commitment ($20.1B)

2. Debt financing secured by Twitter shares ($13B)

3. Outside investors ($7.14B)

4. Margin loan secured by Tesla shares ($6.25B)

1. Elon Musk's equity commitment ($20.1B)

Musk is putting down his wealth as the foundation to the deal.

This consists of $20.1B with the rest split through debt financing, outside investors and a margin loan.

2. Debt financing secured by Twitter shares ($13B)

Banks, including Morgan Stanley are providing $13B in debt secured against Twitter itself.

This is 7x Twitter's projected 2022 EBITDA.

3. Outside investors ($7.14B)

Musk secured commitments from 19 investors.

There are some big hitters.

Most notably:

• Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal ($1.89B)

• Larry Ellison ($1B)

• Sequoia ($800M)

• Andreessen Horowitz ($400M)

• Qatar's sovereign wealth fund ($375M)

4. Margin loan secured by Tesla shares ($6.25B)

Musk was originally taking $12.5B in margin loans to fund the transaction.

This has now been cut in half to $6.25B thanks to new equity commitments.

How the margin loans looked before new investors jumped on board:

6 of the 10 largest take-private deals since 2000 happened in 2007 driven by easy money and optimism for future earnings.

This didn't end well...

Many firms becoming saddled with debt, suffering difficulty servicing the interest payments when business ultimately declined.

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