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The GPT-4 Browser That Will Change Your Search Game

Why Microsoft Has The 'Edge' On Google

Hey friends, welcome back to another Wednesday issue where we take a closer look at one tool from last week’s Sunday Signal. Today, we’re exploring the GPT-4 augmented, Microsoft Edge browser. I’ve been experimenting with its capabilities for the past week and I can officially say—I’m a Microsoft Edge convert. Read on below to find out why:

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Microsoft Edge, Bing Browser & GPT-4

Bing Browser / ZDNet

Microsoft has launched a GPT-4 enhanced Edge browser.

By integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology with Microsoft Edge, you can now use ChatGPT as a copilot in your Bing browser. This delivers superior search results, generates content, and can even transform your copywriting skills (read on to find out how).

So, how does using Microsoft give you the 'Edge'?

🔑 3 Key Benefits

CoPilot Experience / Microsoft Blog

Better Search

  • The update offers an enhanced search experience with more accurate and useful results for everyday queries like sports scores, stock prices, and weather.

  • Additionally, the new sidebar feature provides more comprehensive answers to users who want to dive deeper into their search results.

  • This update saves you time and effort by delivering accurate and relevant information right at your fingertips, so you can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Complete Answers

  • You no longer have to spend time scrolling through multiple search results to find the information you need. Instead, Bing reviews and summarises results from various sources on the web.

  • This means that you can quickly get the information you need, such as getting detailed instructions for troubleshooting Final Cut Pro when you’re working on your next video.

  • This update’s about reducing the need to search or scour in the first place; which raises a larger question—how will site clicks for advertisers be monetised?

Creative Spark

  • Bing goes beyond just providing answers and can help you with creative tasks such as writing an email or preparing for a job interview.

  • Furthermore, It can even help you plan your dream vacation to Hawaii with a detailed 5-day itinerary and links to book your travel and accommodations.

  • It also cites all its sources, so you can explore further and see where the ideas and information came from. The provision of sources and relevant links puts it well above an average search engine in my opinion.

🕵️‍♂️ 2 Notable Features

Chat & Compose Features / Windows Central


  • The new interactive chat feature means you can get the complete answer you are looking for by refining your search by asking for more details, clarity, and ideas.

  • I’ve been using the chat feature as a personal assistant. On some days I’ve asked it to summarise the best protein powders available to me in London, on others I’ve asked it to schedule events in my calendar.

  • I’ve even asked it to write me Through the Noise sponsor copy in the style of famous copywriter–Eugene Schwartz.


  • Edge has a unique feature that allows you to use it as a personal writing assistant. You can ask it to help you draft content for various platforms such as LinkedIn, by providing just a few prompts to start.

  • Edge also offers suggestions to update the tone, format, and length of your post. The browser utilises advanced technology to analyse the web page you’re on and provide more relevant writing suggestions.

  • This feature can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency when creating content for the web, while also helping you to improve your writing skills.

💡 1 Integration Idea

Copywriting Image / Digital Beauty

Write valuable copy

  • I decided to test my copilot's ability to find my newsletter and generate advertising copy in the style of famous copywriter—Eugene Schwartz.

  • By using these 3 prompts I managed to write some great copy through Microsoft Edge:

    1. Find me the AI newsletter “Through the Noise” written by Alex Banks

    2. Write me copy encouraging other newsletters to apply for advertising placements

    3. Rewrite the copy in the style of famous copywriter Eugene Schwartz.

Here are the results:

"AI is changing fast. Don't fall behind. Stay on top of the latest trends and insights with "Through the Noise" - the ultimate AI newsletter for the smart and savvy. And now, you can advertise your newsletter to our thousands of loyal and engaged AI fans. Don't miss this chance to reach the people who matter most in the AI space. Contact us today and grow your newsletter and your business with "Through the Noise"!"

A task that might have previously taken hours can now be completed with just a few prompts in a matter of minutes.

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