The Prompt #11

ChatGPT: Presentations 101

Hey friends 👋 The Prompt helps you integrate AI into your daily life in 3 minutes. Presentations can be a challenge, but they don't have to be. Today, we’re exploring how AI can power up your next talk and make you shine. Let's get started!

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☝️1 Prompt

An input you provide ChatGPT to get a specific response.

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In the past, I’ve found crafting presentations to be a daunting and time-consuming challenge. But when leveraging ChatGPT, everything changes.

This week, we're simplifying the presentation development and delivery process with three prompts for the price of one:

  1. Outline Creation

  2. Audience Engagement

  3. Speaker Notes

You can access the prompts directly in ChatGPT here.

1. Prompt: Outline Creation

2. Prompt: Audience Engagement

3. Prompt: Speaker Notes

☝️1 Insight

A key takeaway from the prompt.

1. Output: Outline Creation

2. Output: Audience Engagement

3. Prompt: Speaker Notes

Last week, we explored the methods for utilising ChatGPT's code interpreter to craft charts and graphs. This powerful tool can enhance your next presentation, infusing it with captivating visuals. The best part? You don't need to be an expert designer to achieve professional results.

☝️1 Action

Take the prompt one step further.

Try these prompts with your next presentation topic. Replace the examples with your subject, and let ChatGPT assemble your outline, brainstorm interactive content and draft speaker notes to aid delivery.

If you want to take your presentations one step further, I recommend you check out these two AI-powered applications.

You now have all the tools to make your next presentation a resounding success.

Even if these prompts aren’t relevant to you right now, let them serve as a benchmark of inspiration for you to turn back to when the time is right.

See you Sunday,

Alex Banks

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