The Prompt #12

Mastering the art of persuasion

Hey friends 👋 The Prompt helps you integrate AI into your daily life in 3 minutes. Persuasiveness is a prized skill, today we're diving into how to amplify it using ChatGPT. Let’s get started!

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☝️1 Prompt

An input you provide ChatGPT to get a specific response.

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Whether leading a high-stakes business meeting or engaging a potential client, knowing how to effectively communicate your ideas is key. The way you structure your thoughts can either captivate or lose your audience.

The McKinsey 3-step Pyramid Principle, famed for its effectiveness in structured communication, is our spotlight today. This method—developed by Barbara Minto—has become a cornerstone in the field of clear and logical communication.

We start by stating our objective, providing context, and letting ChatGPT build our argument.

You can access the prompt directly in ChatGPT here.

☝️1 Insight

A key takeaway from the prompt.

McKinsey’s 3-step pyramid principle can be used in both written and verbal communication to persuade others. It is broken down into the following sections:

  1. The Answer (Main Recommendation)

    • Start with the answer first

    • Instead of building up to a conclusion, lead with it

    • “What should we do?” → “You should do X”

  2. The Supporting Arguments

    • Group and summarise your supporting points into threes

    • It’s a memorable structure that aids in retention

    • Your ideas should form a pyramid under your answer

  3. The Evidence

    • Logically order your supporting ideas

    • Arrange your thoughts in a time, structural or degree order

    • Build a smooth flow to resonate with the listener

☝️1 Action

Take the prompt one step further.

The best way to get value from this framework is by putting it into action. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • In Your Next Business Meeting: Lead with the main point, then follow with grouped and logically ordered supporting ideas. Watch how it guides the conversation.

  • During Client Interaction: Start with a clear offer, then break down the benefits into memorable groups, presenting them in a way that clicks with the client.

  • In Personal Planning: Define what you want to achieve, organise the process into clear steps, and order them in a way that makes sense to you.

Practice makes perfect, so don't hesitate to incorporate the Pyramid Principle into your daily communication. Notice how it not only makes you more persuasive but also more confident and clear in your expression.

Feel free to reply with your experiences or questions—this is a favourite of mine.

Even if these prompts aren’t relevant to you right now, let them serve as a benchmark of inspiration for you to turn back to when the time is right.

See you Sunday,

Alex Banks

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