The Prompt #16

Mind Mapping Mastery

Hey friends 👋 The Prompt helps you integrate AI into your daily life in 3 minutes. The tool I’m sharing today has fundamentally reshaped my view on mind maps—mirroring the very foundation of human thought. Let’s get started!

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An input you provide ChatGPT to get a specific response.

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Brainstorming is an art, and visualising ideas should be effortless. 

It’s been a decade since I last dabbled with mind maps. I used to spend hours scribbling disjointed ideas together with the hope of making it look (somewhat) visually appealing. Only recently did I start incorporating them back into my workflow—and I encourage you to do the same—with the help of the Whimsical Diagrams ChatGPT Plugin.

To start, enable Plugins within ChatGPT by clicking on your avatar in the bottom left corner. Head to Settings > Beta features and toggle on Plugins. Once enabled for GPT-4, click on the "No plugins enabled" dropdown menu to access the Plugin store and search for Whimsical.

It has transformed my approach to representing ideas, making presentation visuals far more intuitive than putting my art skills to the test.

You can access the prompt directly in ChatGPT here.

☝️1 Insight

A key takeaway from the prompt.

Tony Buzan is quite a remarkable chap. Aside from being the author or co-author of more than 80 books, he popularised the concept of mind mapping and radiant thinking, drawing inspiration from the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein.

He offers a unique way to visually structure thoughts, mirroring the radiant thinking of our brains. Radiant thinking begins with the main concept at the centre. Connected ideas radiate out from this point—each new idea becomes the centre of its own radiant thoughts.

What I love about this type of thinking is you start to connect what was, from the outset, seemingly unrelated ideas to form rich new associations. This is exactly how the brain works in a non-linear, radiant fashion. As a result, your ideas are easier to remember.

☝️1 Action

Take the prompt one step further.

I recommend you install the Whimsical Diagrams plugin on ChatGPT and jump right into brainstorming your next project. Whether it's for spontaneous meetings, education, or just structuring your thoughts, it’s important to infuse radiant thinking principles to enhance your thinking and memory.

I hope you enjoy playing around with this one as much as I did to bring a fresh perspective and new insights for your ideas.

Even if these prompts aren’t relevant to you right now, let them serve as a benchmark of inspiration for you to turn back to when the time is right.

See you Sunday,

Alex Banks

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