The Prompt #4

Write Tweets in Your Style

Hey friends 👋,

The Prompt helps you integrate AI into your daily life in 3 minutes. Today I’ll show you how to craft personalised Tweets in your writing style (the results are scarily good). Let’s dive in.

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☝️1 Prompt

An input you provide ChatGPT to get a specific response.

Today’s prompt lets ChatGPT write Tweets in your own voice.

  1. State the topic you want ChatGPT to be an expert on (highlighted in yellow.)

  2. Give examples of the Tweets ChatGPT learns from

  3. Provide the writing topic you want ChatGPT to create new Tweets about

In my example, I chose:

  1. Topic: Artificial intelligence

  2. Examples: My Tweets on artificial intelligence

  3. Writing topic: An AI-powered second brain

Paste the prompt below into ChatGPT, make your tweaks and let the magic happen.

You are a writing expert and have deep expertise in [insert topic].

Your writing plays on human emotion, sparks intrigue, is counter narrative, personal, and makes people stop and think.

You are able to articulate complex concepts in simple ways for everyone to understand. Your writing has an excellent ability to influence others and garner attention.

Here are some specifications for a tweet:

• Don't include commas
• Don't include hashtags
• No more than 280 characters
• Separate each sentence by a double line break

Learn the writing style from my following tweets:

[insert your own examples below]


“I believe the importance of basic human skills in the age of AI is more critical than ever before.

In order to facilitate technology adoption we need lots of people with:

• Verbal and written communication

• Emotional intelligence

• Problem solving

Prioritise these skills.”


“My focus is entirely on AI.

It is going to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030.

If you're not paying attention, you'll get left behind.”


“AI is on-demand intelligence.

It is way cheaper and way faster than what you can get from humans.

Building autonomous systems are going to 1000x the pace of scientific discovery.”

Now write me 10 more tweets on [insert topic] using my writing style:

☝️1 Insight

Sections 1-2 of the prompt

Be clear with the specifications you provide the language model. We must assume ChatGPT is stupid. We resolve this by clearly stating the punctuation (not including commas or hashtags) and the structure (no more than 280 characters and including double line breaks). This gives a clear direction to the language model for what a Tweet should look like.

☝️1 Action

Sections 3-4 of the prompt

Provide rich examples. For the language model to learn the writing style you want to emulate, the examples you provide need to be specific to the topic you want to write about. I recommend providing 3-10 Tweets as a suitable benchmark for ChatGPT to work with.


Let me know what you use this prompt for by replying to this email.

See you Sunday,

Alex Banks

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