The Prompt #5

Organise Your Meeting Notes

Hey friends 👋 The Prompt helps you integrate AI into your daily life in 3 minutes. Today, I’ll show you how ChatGPT can organise your unstructured meeting notes. Let’s dive in.

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☝️1 Prompt

An input you provide ChatGPT to get a specific response.

I used to walk away from a meeting scratching my head with an essay's worth of notes. Now I sort my writing using a simple process with ChatGPT.

Section 1 of the prompt

Your output is only as good as your prompt. A good prompt must be clear and specific. Start by providing an actionable list of what you want to achieve. This will help ChatGPT extract the relevant information for you.

Section 2 of the prompt

Try it for yourself by copying and pasting the prompt below into ChatGPT. Make sure to add your meeting date, notes and the relevant meeting attendees.

Here are my meeting notes. I want you to:

1. Draw up an action-oriented agenda for each party

2. Set a timeline for the project. Provide clear deadlines for each party involved

3. Please highlight anything non-obvious and considerations that are important ahead of embarking on this project to maximise the benefit to the client


Meeting Date: [insert date]

[paste your unstructured notes here]

☝️1 Insight

A key takeaway from the prompt.

Section 1 of ChatGPT’s response

Section 2 of ChatGPT’s response

I love the idea of asking ChatGPT for non-obvious and important considerations. I find myself doing this when I'm making a big decision or starting a new project. It acts as an intellectual sparring partner to cover my blind spots.

☝️1 Action

Take the prompt one step further.

ChatGPT segments the output into the categories you provided. Today, we asked for:

  • An action-oriented agenda

  • A timeline for the project

  • Non-obvious considerations

If the output seems incorrect you can:

  • Ask it to restate

  • Ask for reasoning

  • Ask follow-up questions

ChatGPT excels at solving incremental tasks. Leverage this to your benefit as we integrate AI into our lives together.


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See you Sunday,

Alex Banks

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