The Prompt #8

Your Personal Learning Assistant

Hey friends 👋 The Prompt helps you integrate AI into your daily life in 3 minutes. Today, we're ditching the chalkboard and exploring how AI can streamline your learning process. Let’s dive in.

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☝️1 Prompt

An input you provide ChatGPT to get a specific response.

🎥 Link: How to get started with ChatGPT

The Prompt

AI is changing the future of education. Even institutions like Harvard are catching on. After recently spending time in France, I decided to sharpen my French. Instead of Duolingo, I turned to ChatGPT. The beauty of using this method is that it can be applied to master any subject.

Prompt breakdown:

  • Define your learning goals and schedule

  • Request resource suggestions from ChatGPT

  • Develop flashcards for study

  • Engage in interactive dialogue practice

  • Master concepts

  • Test your knowledge

  • Getearning recommendations from ChatGPT

You can access the prompt directly in ChatGPT here.

🎥 Link: Video breakdown of today’s prompt

☝️1 Insight

A key takeaway from the prompt.

Define your learning goals and schedule

Request resource suggestions from ChatGPT

Request custom test generation

The Pareto principle is a rule that says most results (around 80%) come from a small number (about 20%) of causes. This means that a small set of things have a big effect. We use this principle in today’s prompt: what 20% of information on a topic do I need to learn to get 80% of the benefit?

☝️1 Action

Take the prompt one step further.

Swap French for any other language or subject you're interested in and change the time frame to fit your schedule. This prompt can be totally customised to your learning preferences.

Are you using ChatGPT to learn anything currently? Share your experiences with me.

Even if these prompts aren’t relevant to you right now, let them serve as a benchmark of inspiration for you to turn back to when the time is right.

See you Sunday,

Alex Banks

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