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OpenAI’s AGI Roadmap, Capture Your Notes at Light Speed and Better Storytelling

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Happy Sunday, my fellow AI allies. It's time to get your AI fix for the week from your ultimate source for all things artificial intelligence. From the juiciest news bites to the hottest startups, who says you can't be productive on a lazy Sunday? (I just ate a steak and am feeling great, let's get to it.)

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A Banksy got everyday investors 32% returns? Sure. So, what’s the catch?

When Masterworks told me about this I thought it was too good to be true. But it’s not only possible, it’s happening—and thousands of investors are smiling all the way to the bank, thanks to the fine-art investing platform Masterworks.

These results aren’t even cherry-picked. Masterworks has built a track record of 11 exits, the last 3 realising +13.9%, +35.0%, and +10.4% net returns even while financial markets plummeted.

But art, really? Here are the numbers. Contemporary art prices:

  • Outpaced the S&P 500 by 131% over the last 26 years

  • Have the lowest correlation to equities of any asset class

  • Remained stable through the dot-com bubble and ’08 crisis

If you want to see what it's all about (alongside me), Masterworks has invited us to skip the waitlist with our exclusive Through the Noise link.

5 News Nuggets

Sam Altman / Reuters

  • 🔗 Link: OpenAI dropped their memo for how AGI could shape the future of humanity. It's clear that the benefits of AGI will be huge for humans, yet how we answer questions on governance and access are not yet obvious.

  • 🔗 Link: Meta released their new 65-billion parameter large language model LLaMA. The AI arms race is heating up.

  • 🔗 Link: Spotify debuts a new AI DJ in your pocket. If their Discover Weekly and yearly Wrapped campaigns are anything to go by, this'll be a banger.

  • 🔗 Link: ChatGPT meets robotics. Microsoft's AirSim-ChatGPT is a drone navigation simulator to explore how ChatGPT can enable robotics scenarios.

  • 🔗 Link: Amazon's AWS partners with Hugging Face. AWS will provide purpose-built tools for Hugging Face's community to train, fine-tune, and deploy models on AWS, optimising the performance of models for specific use cases while lowering costs.

4 Cool Creations

"Just use apple notes lol"

  • 🔗 Link: I discovered Lazy yesterday. This was 1,304 days too late since they joined Twitter in 2019 and dropped the heat with their product. It lets you capture information at the speed of light, wherever you are. As a self-proclaimed productivity nerd, I always like to return to the normal distribution above for users of productivity tools. Apple notes can be seen to be used by both the degenerate and the master. Yet tools such as Lazy are making their mark at the upper end of the spectrum to help you remember that witty quote you found on Twitter you can't wait to use at the dinner table.

  • 🔗 Link: LinguaGPT is an all language access GPT. They've removed the language barrier for the first time in the AI Space.

  • 🔗 Link: Yohei Nakajima built "AutoDeck". You can now generate a basic pitch deck in 30 seconds from a startup description.

  • 🔗 Link: Luma AI takes AI graphics to the next level with photorealistic 3D NeRF rendering on the web.

3 Startup Spotlights

Tome Co-Founders Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani / Forbes

  • 🔗 Link: Tome raised $43M Series B funding at a $300M valuation. Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round with Coatue and Greylock Partners in the mix. Tome is still pre-revenue but has a beautiful product to help you become a better storyteller. I'm currently using it to build out a pitch deck. I attached Michael Mignano's (Partner at Lightspeed) essay so you can dive into their story.

  • 🔗 Link: Empathic is a new app that uses AI to interpret the emotions being expressed by non-verbal individuals. It's a digital health spin-out company from University College Dublin and raised €700,000 last year—I'm excited to hear how this develops.

  • 🔗 Link: Metomic, a data security provider that uses AI to detect data leaks in SaaS apps raised $20M in Series A funding. Collaboration tools like Slack and SaaS apps pose a significant data security risk for businesses, especially with more employees working remotely. Metomic is swooping in to save the day.

2 Top Tweets

  • 🔗 Link: Jim Fan, a research scientist at NVIDIA AI dropped some key takeaways from OpenAI's AGI memo.

  • 🔗 Link: Justin Fineberg dropped a killer ChatGPT prompt tutorial for song recommendations. This one is a must for all you music lovers.

1 Media Marvel

  • 🔗 Link: Episode 159 of the Bankless Podcast caught my eye. The title: "We’re All Gonna Die with Eliezer Yudkowsky". Eliezer is a computer scientist and AI researcher that delivers insights that'll send you into nothing short of an existential crisis. From discussing ChatGPT to artificial superintelligence and the end of humanity, I think you'll enjoy this one.

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