Sunday Signal #35

Brain "Plays" Pink Floyd, AI Unmasks Drivers, High-Tech Trousers

Hey friendsΒ πŸ‘‹ You’re reading Sunday Signal where I filter > 500 AI updates and deliver the best straight to your inbox. This week I'm swapping skyscrapers for sheep as I recharge with the family in the best of the English countryside. In a week full of noise let’s get to the signal.

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πŸ’Ž 5 News Nuggets

The Times

  • πŸ”—Β Link: AI recreates Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1" from brain activity. Neuroscientists used AI to rebuild the song from brain patterns while people listened, capturing its tone and rhythm.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Bletchley Park will host the UK's AI safety summit in November. The UK is gearing up for the first global meeting on AI safety, bringing together nations, academics, and tech leaders from companies including OpenAI and Microsoft to explore AI risks.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: OpenAI makes its first public acquisition by acquiring AI design studio Global Illumination. Integrating a team from Instagram, Facebook, and Google, the move aligns with OpenAI's plans to boost revenue from $30 million to $1 billion in two years.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: AI cameras catch 297 drivers in three days in Cornwall.

    The UK's first free-standing AI road safety camera, located on the A30 near Launceston, caught 300 drivers in three days for offences like phone use and not wearing seatbelts.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: A stroke survivor is learning to walk again with AI-powered high-tech trousers. In the UK, 65-year-old Julie Lloyd is using "NeuroSkin" trousers to stimulate her paralyzed leg, making her among the first to trial this technology.

🎨 4 Cool Creations

BeFake AI

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Why BeReal when you can BeFake? Alias Technologies has launched BeFake, an AI-driven social media app that turns text prompts into augmented visuals, encouraging creativity beyond physical limits.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE)Β adds AI-powered summaries and definitions to articles on Android and iOS, soon extending to desktop Chrome. This feature includes tools to enhance understanding with definitions and diagrams.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: WhatsApp is testing AI-generated stickers. In this new feature by Meta-owned WhatsApp, users in the Android beta program can create stickers from text descriptions using AI.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Amazon is using generative AI to improve product reviews. By highlighting key features and sentiments on the product page, this new system allows customers to understand common themes without having to read multiple reviews.

πŸ’‘ 3 Startup Spotlights

Serve Robotics

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Uber-supported Serve Robotics secures $30M for AI robotic delivery. The new funding, increasing its total capital to $56M, will enable U.S. expansion and 2,000 new robots with Uber Eats.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Lindus Health, a UK clinical trials startup backed by Peter Thiel raises $18M. Lindus targets inefficiencies that often hinder medical research, with the goal of enhancing the transition from research to patient treatment.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: AI startup Anthropic receives $100M from Korean telecom leader SK Telecom. Joining forces with SKT, they'll create a multilingual AI model for global telecom firms, improving services such as customer support and marketing.

πŸ₯ 2 Top Tweets

Supervision / @skalskip92 Twitter

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Roboflow just released a new version of "supervision". It lets you implement detection, classification and segmentation to any video including trackers, zones and annotators.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Unitree H1 is a $90K human-sized humanoid robot that weighs 104 pounds. A mass-adopted humanoid will make research & collaboration across institutions much easier.

🍿 1 Media Marvel


  • πŸ”—Β Link: Melodysheep's YouTube video, "THE HUMAN FUTURE: A Case for Optimism", highlights humanity's upcoming challenges like climate change and rogue AI. It suggests that with optimism, a bright future is possible. I highly recommend giving it a watch.

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