Sunday Signal #37

Musk's AI Privacy Update, Warner Music Signs AI, AI Drone Defeats Pilots

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πŸ’Ž 5 News Nuggets

X Owner, Elon Musk / Vitalii Shevchuk Medium

  • πŸ”—Β Link: X's updated privacy policy allows the use of public data to train AI models. The company will collect biometric, job, and education data. Musk clarified that only public data will be used, ensuring private messages remain confidential.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Biden blocks sale of Nvidia AI chips to the Middle East over China fears. The US extends export restrictions on Nvidia's A100 and H100 AI chips to some Middle East countries, in a move to limit China's access to AI technology.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: OpenAI launches ChatGPT for business. ChatGPT Enterprise offers unlimited access to GPT-4 and 2x faster performance. The release follows concerns about proprietary data security, with early adopters like Estee Lauder, Block, and PwC.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: China’s Baidu has publicly released its AI chatbot, Ernie Bot. The chatbot rivals the likes of ChatGPT, with Beijing aiming for AI dominance by 2030.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: AI-crafted books of nonsense have climbed Amazon's bestseller charts. Although Amazon has since taken action, it highlights a growing trend of people exploiting the platform with AI-generated content for monetary gain.

🎨 4 Cool Creations

German DJ & producer Alle Farben (left) and Noonoouri / Warner Music Central Europe

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Warner Music Central Europe signs digital character Noonoouri, releasing her debut song "Dominoes" featuring DJ Alle Farben. AI technology crafted Noonoouri's distinct singing voice, based on a real singer but modified for uniqueness.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Google's Duet AI was introduced for Workspace users at Google Cloud Next '23. It crafts personalised emails, takes real-time meeting notes, provides summaries, and can even attend meetings on your behalf, ensuring you're always in the loop.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Google's DeepMind launches SynthID. This watermarking system for AI-generated images is invisible to the eye but detectable by software. It remains robust through image edits and sets a new standard in digital watermarking.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: DoorDash launches AI bot to take customer takeout orders. One in five people prefer ordering via phone, but half of these calls are missed. With this tech and live agents, restaurants can offer better service and use DoorDash's own system for direct deliveries.

πŸ’‘ 3 Startup Spotlights

AI21 Labs Founders / Yoav Shoham (from left), Ori Goshen, and Amnon Shashua / Photo: Roei Shor

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Generative AI startup AI21 Labs lands $155M at a $1.4B valuation. Based in Tel Aviv, they emerged from stealth in 2020 with products like AI21 Studio and Wordtune. Their total funding now reaches $283M, with the recent round led by Walden Catalyst and Samsung Next.

  • πŸ”— Link: Martian Lawyers Club (MLC) raised $2.2M for game personalization using generative AI. They're reshaping games to adapt to player behaviour, going beyond visuals to transform gameplay mechanics. MLC provides game makers with tools to implement these intelligent adaptations.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Rockset secures $44M in funding, led by Icon Ventures, boosting its real-time AI database technology, taking the firm's total funding to $105M. Leveraging RocksDB, Rockset enhances real-time indexing for vector embeddings, important for AI predictions & insights.

πŸ₯ 2 Top Tweets

Tesla / Bernard Marr

  • πŸ”—Β Link: Elon Musk live-streamed a demo for Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" software on Twitter. The car almost ran a red light and Musk (ever the rebel) filmed against Tesla's own playbook. Tesla's approach is powered entirely by AI and focuses exclusively on advanced visual detection with cameras.

  • πŸ”—Β Link: There are now 100% AI accounts posting fully AI-generated tweets with AI YouTube channels. Making videos by AI, about AI, that sounds like a human. This is getting crazy.

🍿 1 Media Marvel

Drone Racing League / The New York Times

  • πŸ”—Β Link: AI-powered drone beats human champion pilots. Developed by the University of Zurich, Swift AI won 15 out of 25 races through deep reinforcement learning. Human pilots relied on first-person views while Swift navigated using video and sensors.

πŸ”₯ A Little Something Extra

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