Sunday Signal #40

ChatGPT's Image Generator, The Virtual Cell Project and Microsoft's AI Copilot

Hey friends 👋 You’re reading Sunday Signal where I filter > 500 AI updates and deliver the best straight to your inbox. We’ve had some serious updates from OpenAI, Google and even Zuck himself. In a week full of noise let’s get to the signal.

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💎 5 News Nuggets

Larry the hedgehog / OpenAI

  • 🔗 Link: ChatGPT can now generate images. OpenAI launches DALL-E 3, an advanced text-to-image generator, integrated inside ChatGPT. It will be released for Plus & Enterprise users in October. Looks like I'll be cancelling my Midjourney subscription after all!

  • 🔗 Link: Mark Zuckerberg and his wife launch a project to build a virtual cell by the end of the century. The ‘Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’ aims to advance disease treatments and discoveries.

  • 🔗 Link: Microsoft announces AI copilot for Windows coming September 26th. It can turn Word docs into PowerPoint presentations, analyse your writing style and even compose emails. I wonder how many AI startups will become quickly disrupted.

  • 🔗 Link: Google DeepMind AI propels the search for disease genes. Using protein configurations, AlphaMissense achieves 89% precision in mutation detection, refining diagnostic methods and guiding treatment approaches.

  • 🔗 Link: Microsoft AI researchers mistakenly expose 38TB of sensitive data on GitHub. The data includes private keys, passwords, and 30,000 internal Microsoft Teams messages. Microsoft confirms no customer data was compromised.

🎨 4 Cool Creations

“Panda drinking coffee” / YouTube’s AI Dream Screen

  • 🔗 Link: YouTube unveils AI tools for creators. YouTube Studio can now generate AI backgrounds, personalised topic suggestions and music recommendations. As AI-generated content grows, it’s prompting platforms like TikTok to label such material.

  • 🔗 Link: The Department of Defense collaborates with Google on an AI-powered microscope to help with cancer diagnosis. Costing $90,000–$100,000, the tool will support doctors in smaller labs facing workforce shortages and rising caseloads.

  • 🔗 Link: Amazon unveils a smarter Alexa powered by AI. Features include “improved conversation, enriched personality, and trust.” Considering every item I mention in a conversation turns up as the next YouTube ad I see, I’m not yet sold on the trust part.

  • 🔗 Link: FIFA and IFAB approve AI tracking tech for football boots. The technology monitors data like kicking velocities and technical balance during matches. It’s currently used by clubs like Manchester City and Fulham with the goal of improving player performance.

  • 🔗 Link: (Bonus) Google expands AI chatbot Bard to apps like Gmail, Drive and YouTube. Bard can now interact with personal data, scanning through Gmail and Drive whilst summarising emails and highlighting documents.

💡 3 Startup Spotlights

AI brian / Midjourney

  • 🔗 Link: Manchester's Decently secured £500K for its brain injury prediction AI, Melo. Founded in 2021, Melo aids healthcare pros in managing brain injury data. It’s currently being trialled at 3 NHS Trusts, with plans for expansion.

  • 🔗 Link: SF-based AI startup Writer, secures $100M valuing the company at $500M. The platform aids businesses in generating content with large language models. With 10x revenue growth in 2 years, their clientele includes Spotify, L’Oreal, and Uber.

  • 🔗 Link:, has secured $18.7M in a Series A round led by OTB Ventures. The European company offers the "Productivity 360°" platform, leveraging AI to automate business tasks, saving clients an average of $2.7M annually.


🐥 2 Top Tweets

Robot playing chess / Midjourney

  • 🔗 Link: Grant Slatton reveals gpt-3.5-turbo-instruct can play chess at an 1800 Elo. It’s able to beat Stockfish Level 4 (1700), losing to Level 5 (2000) without illegal moves. It can predict Stockfish's responses even after blunders.

  • 🔗 Link: Chad VCs to sad VCs. This meme is a testament to the development of venture capital over the last decade. With the recent ascension of AI, Sandhill Markets (previously known as Stonks) hit it out the park with this one.

🍿 1 Media Marvel

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby / The Great Gatsby

  • 🔗 Link: An AI cover of “Young and Beautiful”. Originally by Lana Del Rey, this star-studded AI lineup includes Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain and Adele—my favourite has to be Freddie.

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