Sunday Signal #7

GPT-4 Powered Bing, Automating the Job of a VC and Meta Moving to AI

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I hope you're having a smashing weekend. We've had some hot updates this week from ChatGPT going PRO, Microsoft Teams powered by ChatGPT and Bing looking to revolutionise search. It's time for some Sunday Signal.

GPT-4 Powered Bing, Automating the Job of a VC and Meta Moving to AI

DALL路E prompt: "draw a black and white sketch of the best newsletter to learn about artificial intelligence"

Noteworthy News

  • 馃敆 Link: The inside story of ChatGPT. Sit down with a warm drink for this one folks.

  • 馃敆 Link: OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus, starting at $20 per month.

  • 馃敆 Link: Microsoft rolls out ChatGPT-powered Teams Premium at $7 per month.

  • 馃敆 Link: Anthropic partners with Google Cloud.

  • 馃敆 Link: Microsoft also launches an AI-powered selling experience with Viva Sales.

  • 馃敆 Link: Samsung brings generative AI art and personalisation to refrigerators.

  • 馃敆 Link: ChatGPT's competition: meet the contenders including Anthropic's Claude, DeepMind's Sparrow and Google's LaMDA.

  • 馃敆 Link: YC-backed Andi launches ChatGPT alternative.

  • 馃敆 Link: I enjoyed this article by The Economist on "The Race of the AI Labs".

  • 馃敆 Link: OpenAI has hired an army of contractors to make basic coding obsolete.

  • 馃敆 Link: Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask court to throw out AI copyright lawsuit.

  • 馃敆 Link: Chinese search giant Baidu to launch ChatGPT-style bot.

    Cool Creations

    • 馃敆 Link: A comprehensive DALL路E 2 prompt engineering guide.

    • 馃敆 Link: Google released Dreamix, the first text-driven image and video diffusion model.

    • 馃敆 Link: A tool that lets teachers spot plagiarism for text written by AI.

    • 馃敆 Link: Yohei Nakajima is using GPT-3 to automate repetitive tasks from his job as a VC.

    Top Tweets

    • 馃敆 Link: ChatGPT can now order you dinner.

    • 馃敆 Link: Mark Zuckerberg on Meta's earnings: "One of my goals for Meta is to build on our research to become a leader in generative AI."

    • 馃敆 Link: Microsoft is releasing the new Bing search as a chat interface powered by GPT-4.

    Startup Scene

    • 馃敆 Link: Profluent raises a $9M seed round to design new proteins with generative AI.

    • 馃敆 Link: Lavender lands $13.2M in Series A funding for its AI-powered email marketing engine.

    • 馃敆 Link: Israel-based BloomX raises an $8M seed round using AI to support the declining bee population.

    • 馃敆 Link: Supernormal extends its seed round to $12M to automatically transcribe and summarise meetings.

    Weird Image of the Week

    Jesus takes a selfie during the last supper

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