You Need to Change Your Pitch

One size doesn't fit all

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How do I present my startup idea to an investor? By making it clear and concise.

Here's how to tailor your pitch to your audience.

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You Need to Change Your Pitch

As a founder it’s your job to convince people to give you the resources you need. You do that by telling your story. But one story doesn't fit every setting.

You might think "I've made our deck, I'm all set to pitch." Wrong– context matters. You have to adjust your pitch and tell it slightly differently for each scenario you find yourself in. It's not what you say, it's not what you do, it's about how you make them feel. I'm not going to reel off complex jargon and highlight technical features when I'm chatting to my mate down the pub. Their brain will immediately switch off. Instead, I'll speak from a high level about the problem we're solving and how it can benefit the them. Put your friend in the customer's shoes to make them feel part of your story– they'll lean in and pay attention.

If I can stress one point here it's this: relatability. Telling your story (your pitch) in a way where your audience understands every word that comes out of your mouth. What's more, when you involve them as a character they'll feel special as they're part of your adventure to the promised land.

How else can I make my story interesting to my listener? Research.

Research your audience before you meet them. Social media is great. Not just for finding memes that make you snuff under your breath, but for doing a little something called due-diligence. Find what they like, what they don't like, where they were born, their favourite sports team, how they see the world. Taking 5 minutes here will put your far ahead of the pack– there's zero excuse.

So what can we take away from today? Don't pitch your mate down the pub the same way you would to a VC. Pull on the variables you can control: research, length and complexity.

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